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A new page “Listening to Voiceless Stories of POWs“ has been added to the "Researches" section.(2021-10-11)
A part of “Sunken Japanese Ships with the Allied POWs in transit” has been revised.(2021-06-06)
“History of the POW Research Network Japan“ has been revised. (2021-06-06)

Records of the researches and studies done by the POW Research Network Japan

Reports on a study meeting and seminar held by the POW Research Network Japan, and records of the ex-POWs and their families visiting Japan, etc.

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Introduction of the publications by the members of the POW Research Network Japan

About POW Research Network Japan

Inaugurated in March 2002 with about 80 members inside and outside the country, the POW Research Network Japan has carried out researches and studies on the Allied POWs, civilian internees, war criminal trials, etc. by helping one another. In addition, the Network has been working on the interchanging activities with the ex-POWs and their families, and many other activities.

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